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We are creating Pakistani Best Entertainment Network in Where People Find new friends and stay in contact with others all in one place, talk in real-time in our user-friendly chat rooms and leave messages for other users . Java Run time Envirnment Must For WebChat .

who are offline. ChatPk allows you to exchange pictures and messages with users from not just the PK where we are based, but from all over the world and is a free service for anyone that signs-up. Why not take a look at our Preview and see who and what you're missing.. You can Also join us From mirc at irc.mastiplus.com. We Are several Sites Network Which Are Connected With Each Other

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  • ChatSpot
  • MastiPak
  • SazMasti
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  • Chat Rules

    Rules you must follow:
    1. It is a family chat room.
    2. Do not ask/give your msn/yahoo or any other messenger ids in public chat.
    3. Do not ask/give your cell phone numbers in public chat.
    4. Do not Misbehave with anyone either in private or public.
    5. Listen and obey the operators.
    6. Do not use Bolds, CAPS, Light Colors, while chatting on main.
    7. Only English and Urdu is allowed.
    8. Do not use offensive nicknames.
    9. mIRC client is not allowed for non-admin people.
    10. Do not flood or repeat.
    11. No excessive slaps and smileys.
    12. No FLIRTING or SEX Chats, Its a family chatroom.
    13. Do not advertise.
    14. Follow what operators say. Respect fellow members and Ops.

    Other Helpful Tips:
    1. People with the sign ‘@’ before them are the operators, they have the power to control the chatrooms and able to kick/ban anyone out.
    2. People with the sign ‘+’ before them are the voiced users, you usually get this sign for chatting on public, indicating you are currently active on public chat and kind of protected by operators.
    3. If you have left any of the chatroom by mistake you can join them back by typing /join #chatroom e.g. /join #Pakistan
    4. You can change your nickname anytime by typing /nick newnick e.g. /nick Atif
    5. The term Channel is referred to Chatroom.
    6. It is IRC based chatrooms, so if you’re familar with the irc commands you can use all of them here. e.g. /whois nickname
    List of Official Chatrooms:
    #Pakistan – Main Chatroom.
    #Trivia – A general trivia channel, test your general knowledge of Bollywood.
    #Seen – See the Last record of Someone.
    #Help – Official help Chatroom.